Don’t Rush Into A Relationship With An Escort

Are you new dating London escorts? When you are new to dating hired companions, it is easy to fall in love with the first girl you meet from a companions company. That is exactly what happened to me when I started to date escorts. The moment Amanda a lovely lady i hired came in through the door, I fell in love with her. In my eyes, she was the most stunning creature that I had ever seen and I was totally taken back by her. I carried on dating her a couple of times per week for the next couple of months and we had a great time together.

When Amanda and I had been dating for about two months, it dawned on me that other London escorts was available from Charlotte escorts. I was not bored with Amanda, but I still felt I wanted to broaden my horizons. So, I checked out the other London escorts who work on an out call basis for Charlotte escorts. It was not long before I found myself on a date with another girl who really knew how to show me a good time in a different way than Amanda.

It dawned on me that Charlotte escorts had many exciting London escorts available and I wanted to meet more of the girls. Over the next five weeks, I hooked up with a range of London escorts who work for Charlotte escorts and really enjoyed myself. I realised that it is easy to rush into a relationship with an escort when you are new to dating escorts in London. The girls at the escort agency are all gorgeous so it is worth giving them all a go if you know what I mean. These days I date a couple of different London escorts.

What are the advantages of dating different London escorts? There are many advantages to dating around a bit. All London escorts have their own unique ideas on escorting and that is ultimately what I really like about them. When you are in a relationship with the same girl all of the time, you risk getting bored. That is not a problem that you have when you date different London escorts. A change around every so often can really make a difference.

Is it expensive to date Charlotte escorts? You may wonder why I don’t have a regular girlfriend. Well, Charlotte escorts is a cheap London escorts agency. In fact, it probably costs me less to date cheap escorts in London than to have a regular girlfriend. That is one of the reasons I continue to date escorts in London. Of course, the girls here are super sexy. That is yet another reason to date escorts. Would you like to know about cheap London escorts and Charlotte escorts? In that case, I think that you should check out the links in this article to find out more about the hot girls who work for the escort agency.

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Top Tips for Getting Maximum Sexual Pleasure with a Professional Escort

Before paying for professional escorts, make sure you know the rules and laws in the area you are in. In some countries, escort services are illegal, and if you are caught in the act, you might end up in jail. Once you are sure that you are safe legally, make sure you make a trip to the escort service provider to make yourself familiar with the environment. However, if you are paying for a private visit, this is not necessary. Below are 4 tips on how to have maximum pleasure when hiring a professional escort.


Although some people enjoy remaining anonymous, it is important to lay some groundwork with the escort you hired. You can use a pseudo profile since your name and biography is not what is important. The introduction helps you get familiar and comfortable around your escort so that the rest of your time together does not seem awkward. You want to avoid awkwardness at all costs because it will lead to a short time together. A short session means little to no pleasure gained, and a general waste of your money. Therefore, start with a short introduction.

Be Vocal

If this is your first time hiring an escort, make sure you are vocal with what you expect. Draw the lines where the need is and let the escort know what you like or do not like. It would be hard work for the escort to guess and try things with the hope that you are okay with them. This is because they may end up doing something that offends, hurts, or otherwise displeases you, leading to a ruined experience. Therefore, make sure you clearly outline everything you want to do.

Take Your Time

You might be excited or eager to get the train going, especially if this is your first time. However, in order to have maximum pleasure with a professional escort, you have to take your time. Foreplay is one way to get the mood started. By engaging in foreplay you allow your body and mind to get used to the idea of having sexual intercourse with a stranger. This then helps get rid of any tension or fear you might have. The more comfortable you are, the more your body will respond to stimulation and the more pleasure you will experience.


The best thing about professional escorts is that they have sexual prowess that your partner might not have. They are willing and able to perform sexual techniques that enhance sexual pleasure that will leave you, the client, fully satisfied and happy. Thus, you should always approach a session with a professional escort with an open mind if maximum pleasure is your aim. Try out positions and tricks that you would otherwise shy away from. Not only will you leave there pleased but also you will have learnt things, which you can introduce in your relationship.

In conclusion, it is important to realize that the level of pleasure you are going to get with a professional escort lies in your hands. By applying the top four tips, you are going to have an exquisite experience without a doubt.

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